AquiSense Technologies New Zealand Ltd

AquiSense Technologies New Zealand Ltd

Phone: +64 9 213 7191

Mobile: +64 2187 0355

Contact: Alison Young (Technical Sales)

Company Profile

AquiSense New Zealand is proud to be the exclusive distributor for AquiSense Technologies USA. AquiSense Technologies is the global leader in UV-C LED systems design and manufacture that solves real world problems in water, air and surface disinfection applications.

AquiSense’s UV-C LED systems disinfect without the use of any chemicals or Mercury UV lamps and offers disinfection solutions for medical devices, commercial, residential, municipal, transportation, laboratory, pharmaceutical, and microelectronics markets.


Products & Services Index

  • Analytical Laboratories
    • Chemistry
    • Microbiology
      • Potable
  • Domestic Self Supply
    • Drinking
      • Point of use Treatment
      • Private Drinking Water Supplies
      • Roof-Collected Rainwater
  • Plant Equipment
    • UV Disinfection

Product & Service Description

We are a New Zealand distributor offering UV-C LED disinfection systems for: water, air, surfaces. No chemicals, mercury-free for water purification, water treatment, surface treatment, air treatment.


Brands & Agencies

SERES OL - Oil in Water, Water in Oil analysers

SWAN ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS AG - On-line water quality analysers